About URS Edgewater, NJ Gold Coast Real Estate

United Real Estate Services, Inc. is a full service New Jersey Gold Coast Real Estate located in Edgewater, NJ.  The firm founded in 1995 with the vision that the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area and especially Edgewater, North Bergen, Weehawken and the gold coast along the Hudson is the most sophisticated real estate market in the country that only a high caliber approach would meet the demands warranted for developers, investors, spot builders and the general public. United is unique in terms of it’s team concept and expertise in Edgewater's Residential and Commercial real estate, Hudson River Waterfront Residential and Commercial Markets. 

Our team concept has enhanced both our clients and associates ability to do business in any market, as is mentioned in the October 2003 New York Times feature story regarding the development of Edgewater, NJ, a Hudson River town across the river from Midtown Manhattan. We encourage you to view our accomplishments and associates profiles. http://www.edgewaternj.org